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Day One!

for me, at least. is anyone else starting today?

so, this is my "doctor who" month. i have two activities i want to master [no reference intended]: yoga and running. i'm starting out relatively easy, i'll admit, mostly because my body can break very easily, especially if i quickly push myself from a sedentary lifestyle to an active one. i mean, just this past sunday i spent the entire day bed-ridden because of back pains. so definitely taking it slow to start with.

specifically, starting with yoga. i was told by my chiropractor five years ago that if i wanted to enjoy the ability to walk for the rest of my life [barring any other injuries, of course], i'd need to keep up a consistent yoga routine. which was great, i did yoga all the time anyway! except... i stopped, somewhere along the line. and i've been paying for it, definitely. like the back spasms i had on sunday. so, back to yoga! i love yoga, i don't know why i stopped doing it, but i did. so, although it doesn't really have any direct correlation to doctor who [although ten must keep that long body limber somehow!], it's a part of my routine for the month.

and running is pretty self-explanatory, in the eyes of doctor who. but to give a personal history: i have a condition in my knees that, for a long time, severely limited me to doing anything [when i was 8, i spent pretty much the entire year bedridden because it hurt to walk]. i was told that i would never be a runner. and i agreed with them, for years. even sprinting across a playing field caused my kneecap to jam into my protruding bone in an extremely painful way. but when i got to college, i started doing exercises specifically to help with strengthening my knees. it took a long time, but they improved. and finally, my senior year of college, i took up running. something i thought i'd never do. i was already in shape, at my goal weight, and did a variety of other exercises every day... but i wanted to conquer this one thing that i and doctors said i'd never be able to do. so i started running. and it was great. i even ran a 5k, completing at 30:30 which isn't too shabby of a time at all for a new runner [i'd been running for two or three months at that point]. but then i suffered a really bad back injury and had to stop running for a while and i never got seriously into it again. UNTIL NOW.

so, goals for yoga:
-touch heels to the floor during downward facing dog [right now they're about 1.5 inches away]
-complete the entire downward facing dog/plank repeating sequence that's on my dvd [it's about five minutes of back and forth]

goals for running:
-be able to run a mile without stopping

i'm going to focus the first two weeks on yoga and getting my body bendable again. second two weeks will be for running, as well as continued yoga. hopefully by then, i'll have a treadmill in my house [i can't run outside during the winter because of my asthma]. today i've already done 20 minutes of yoga. yay!
So, this is my [most likely] schedule for the next year, and what started this whole thing. I'll be starting in February and spending a month on each fandom. Each activity will have a challenge to judge my improvement by, like my first running challenge will be to run a mile and a half without stopping. If an activity appears more than once, it'll have a different challenge the second time around [running, for instance, will be to complete a 5k or maybe even a 1Ok, depending on how easy the first challenge was]. I tried not to repeat a lot of activities, although I'll hopefully be keeping up with a lot past their four weeks, but some I really want to focus on. Like running, if you can't tell.

And, because I like to exercise my mind as well as my body, I've included an intellectual challenge for each fandom as well. That's completely optional, but I thought it was a nice addition.

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